At Peninsula Foot Clinic, our Podiatrists use SWIFT Microwave therapy to successfully treat warts with safe and effective thermal energy. Traditional Wart treatments can be unsuccessful, inconvenient and painful.

What are Warts?

Warts are a common contagious skin infection in the outer layers of the skin, often found on the sole of the foot, caused by HPV ( Human Papillomavirus). Warts are hard to resolve as they are good at evading the bodies immune system and are commonly transferred from person to person.

SWIFT is a technology that will deliver Microwave energy to an exact location and depth to target a skin lesion. It is safe and causes minimal discomfort, and treatment success does not rely on patient compliance to apply solutions. The success rate is greater than 83% in independent studies.

The protocol for Swift is generally three treatments, four weeks apart. Some patients will have more rapid results and may only require two treatments.

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The treatment involves a handheld applicator on the skin’s surface at the lesion site for a short period as the energy is delivered. There can be a mild heat that lasts for a second and is well tolerated. After the treatment, patients walk out with no discomfort, no dressing and no anaesthetic is required.

If you have been struggling with other therapy and want an opinion on whether Swift Microwave therapy is suitable, contact our team. We are providing this at our Mornington clinic only.

How do Microwaves work?

Microwaves are a form of non-ionising radiation that agitates the water molecules in the skin cells without causing damage to the DNA. With a high water content in the skin, the process causes thermal energy. This heat will only penetrate to a predetermined depth to achieve the result required.

The proposed effect of Microwave on wart tissue is by producing an immune response by heating the viral cells to 43-45 degree C, causing a state of stress. This Heat shock causes a series of cellular changes that will begin the body fighting the viral tissue and changes to the wart lesion.