Peninsula Foot Clinic have expertise in foot orthotics and provide a comprehensive approach to assessing if orthotics are going to be helpful for you. Let our team advise if an orthotic will help your particular problem! Orthotics are used for a wide range of foot and lower limb problems including

  • Foot, leg and knee pain
  • Heel pain
  • Plantarfasciitis
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • General sore feet
  • Pain from bunions and arthritis
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A foot orthotic is an insert worn in regular shoes positioned to support the foot and improve the way weight is distributed through the feet and legs.

Common foot problems can be effectively treated or prevented with the use of orthotics by influencing the loads applied to muscles and joints. They can be made of durable plastic or various rubber materials.

At Peninsula Foot Clinic our Podiatrists will assess whether an orthotic is necessary for your feet and advise the best type of orthotic for you.

Not all orthotics are the same, our Podiatrists utilise a range of off the shelf orthotics and manufacture prescribed orthotics specific to your foot as well.

What is involved in assessment for orthotics ?

Your Podiatrist at Peninsula foot clinic will perform a thorough examination including medical history, injuries, your activity levels and work that you perform on your feet. If you have a specific foot pain a correct diagnosis is critical before advising any possible treatment including prescription of custom orthotic or other therapy.

A biomechanical assessment… an examination of your range of movement and alignment in your muscles and joints will be performed including a walking/running assessment to check for abnormal alignment that could contribute to your pain or injury.

Recommending a foot orthotic…

If your Podiatrist considers that you will benefit from an orthotic , specific recommendations will be made considering the different materials , shapes and footwear you will use them in. This discussion will cover the expected life of the orthotic and how often and what activities you will need to use them. Cost considerations will be provided in a treatment plan for you to consider including item codes for rebate if claiming with private health funds.

Custom or prescribed orthotics – how have they changed?

Traditionally custom orthotics were made by hand manufacture by the Podiatrist and orthotic technicians in the clinic. Plaster cast impression of the feet is being replaced by 3D scans and the orthotic shape is designed using specialised software. Manufacturing of custom orthotics is now utilizing 3D printing.

The result- A more accurate orthotic that is comfortable and easier to fit in your shoes! Our guarantee is you will wear our orthotics comfortably. Peninsula Foot clinic uses Footwork Podiatric Laboratory for its custom made orthotics.

Ask Peninsula Foot clinic assess your feet to see if an orthotic will help your condition or prevent ongoing injuries..