Nail Surgery for Ingrown toenail

If your Ingrown nail is persistent or fails to settle with a simple treatment a minor nail surgery may be recommended by your Podiatrist.

Nail surgery is a good long term solution, particularly in cases where the nail shape or width is the reason for the problem.

This minor surgery, performed in the clinic, involves a local anaesthetic, removal of a portion of the nail and the application of a chemical to cauterise that section of the nail ensuring it does not grow back.

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Our Podiatrists at Peninsula Foot Clinic carry out this procedure frequently.

Care and recovery following nail surgery consists of dressing and monitoring the site.

In most cases a return to some activity or work can be achieved within 1 to 2 days with minimal disruption.

If you are experiencing any pain or symptoms of an ingrown nail contact the team at Peninsula Foot Clinic on 03 5982 0000 for an appointment or further information.