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Why Choose Peninsula Foot Clinic?

We are the Foot and Ankle Specialists ! Convenient clinic locations No referral required for Private patients Experienced Podiatrists working closely with Doctors and other Medical professionals for 20 years Longer appointments means plenty of time to assess and manage your feet Same day appointments available so we can help you when you need it! Evenings and Saturday appointments available. Online bookings Hicaps for health fund rebate At our modern Podiatry Clinics our Podiatrists use the latest assessment equipment and evidence based treatments helping athletes of all levels perform at their best.


Solutions for your childs foot problems

Does your child have – Flat feet ? Growing pains? Pidgeon toed? Clumsy ? Heel Pain? Severs ?


As part of Your Podiatry solution, Your Podiatrist may recommend a foot orthotic to assist

Orthotics or orthoses are specialised insoles designed to influence foot movements which may be contributing to your pain.


Critical to understanding your pain our Podiatrists will assess your Biomechanics

Strength and flexibility of your muscles and joints