Laser Nail Therapy

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Laser Nail therapy is used to treat Onychomycosis, a fungal infection of the toe or finger nails. Fungal nails affects 2%-14% of the adult population.

How does Laser nail treatment work?

Fungal nails can be treated using topical/paint on type medications, oral drugs or laser treatment.

Laser treatment is a relatively new treatment that heats the nail bed enough to kill the fungal nail.

The laser beam will generate heat beneath the fungal nails and underlying colony in the nail bed, which results in fungus removal.

You will feel a warm sensation during the laser treatments, and the operator will adjust accordingly.

The number of laser treatments required depends on the severity of the fungal nail, but if recommended will be a minimum of 4.

Is laser treatment for nail fungus effective?

The laser therapy is well tolerated and very effective in promoting the growth of clear nail in patients with toenail fungus.

Research shows that laser treatment for toenail fungus is 70-85% effective after a single treatment.

Fungus removal will not occur immediately but rather after a period of months, as the nail resumes healthy growth. Preventative measures will be advised to ensure toenail fungus does not reoccur.

Is there any risks?

There has been no incidences or burns or overtreatment in clinical studies of the use of laser for fungal nails. Your Podiatrist will assess you individually for toenail fungus, and take precautions in patients with Diabetes, Neuropathy or a decrease in sensation of the toes.

What are the Costs Involved?

An initial consultation is required to assess your nail condition, measure the extent of nail damage and determine if laser is the right treatment for you.

The costs associated with laser treatment will vary from patient to patient, based on the number of treatments required. The treatment protocol to achieve best results is a minimum of 4 treatments over 12 weeks. These treatments are $110 per session and is claimable on some private health insurance funds.

Laser Therapy at Peninsula Foot Clinic

At Peninsula Foot Clinic the qualified Podiatrists in laser treatment use the FOX 1064nm laser. This is the most portable and effective laser in onychomycosis laser treatment. With 3 years’ experience with this new technology are best placed to advise you.

The FOX laser is used in wart removal as well as onychomycosis laser treatment.

Andrew Slessar and Fiona Young (Link to Profiles) have completed training and certification to preform laser treatment. Assessment can be performed at all locations , with the Laser treatments being performed at Somerville – suite 3 , 67 Eramosa Rd.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your nails and would like further advice, please call Peninsula Foot Clinic on 59820000.